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· System introduction

· ACCM Theory Introduction
The ACCM theory was founded by Cao Xi, the general manager of Guangdong Zhongshe Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., which is a new methodology for enterprise equipment asset management. Control. ACCM is an abbreviation of "English Asset Comprehensiveness Control and Management" or "Enterprise Comprehensive Assets Control" (referred to as "Equipment Comprehensive Management").

· Definition of ACCM
The comprehensive management and control system of ACCM enterprise equipment assets is a set of strategic goals in pursuit of higher security, higher reliability, higher operating efficiency and higher return on investment, and comprehensively consider the strategic performance of equipment asset management ( Value), equipment asset management business system (content), and implementation of change methods (processes) in three dimensions, relying on modern information technology methods, using cloud computing, Internet of Things and other advanced technologies of new equipment asset management theories and methods.

· ACCM three-dimensional model and its supporting relationship
Value dimensionFinance, production, internal process optimization, learning and progress; 
Content dimensionManagement and control system, business system and support system;
Process dimension: evaluation, management consulting, intelligent management and control, industrial services.
The relationship between the three dimensions can be explained in such a sentence: value-oriented, content-oriented, and process-based methods into an ACCM theoretical system, and its business model is shown below.


· ACCM's Four Strategic Goals
Higher security: Ensuring the safety of personnel, environment, and products is the primary goal of equipment asset management. Without security, all activities of an enterprise cannot be carried out in an orderly manner.
Higher reliability: The use of reliable performance equipment is the basis for enterprises to produce qualified products and provide qualified services.
Higher operational efficiency: On the basis of safety and reliability, in order to maximize the benefits, enterprises will inevitably increase the efficiency of equipment operation as much as possible to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.
Higher return on investment: From the perspective of the business operator, all activities of the company should be based on the pursuit of improving the return on investment in equipment.




Monograph on Comprehensive Management and Control Theory of Enterprise Equipment Assets
一, Summary

The book is divided into five chapters and ten chapters.

1. The first is a theoretical chapter, including chapters 1 and 2. The first chapter introduces ACCM theory and its framework design, and the second chapter proposes the theory and basic methods for constructing asset management and control system.

2. The second chapter discusses the value dimension, including chapters 3 and 4. The third chapter introduces the four dimensions of the value dimension and their correlations; the fourth chapter focuses on the improvement of the key dimensions of the TPM by the value dimension.

3. The third chapter discusses the content dimension, which consists of chapters 5, 6, and 7. Chapter 5 discusses the company's management and control system and ACCM; Chapter 6 introduces the life cycle management of the business system, with special attention to the impact of the Internet of Things and cloud services on business work; Chapter 7 designs an effective technical support system for ACCM .

4. The fourth chapter discusses the process dimension and consists of chapters eight and nine. The eighth chapter discusses the main stages of ACCM construction; the ninth chapter discusses the ACCM system construction roadmap.

5. The fifth chapter is an introduction to the case, including the content of Chapter 10, combined with Chint data and the industry's many years of practical experience, it introduces the enterprise ACCM system construction guide.


Major innovations

1. Innovation based on the value system of the four goals

Four goals are proposed: higher security, higher reliability, higher operating efficiency, and higher return on investment. These four goals are closely combined with ACCM balanced scorecard indicators to form an innovative value. system.

2. Establish ACCM balanced scorecard and design financial innovation indicators: equipment maintenance and management to create value (MMCV)

The ACCM balanced scorecard and its index system were constructed to solve the problem of measuring the performance of equipment asset comprehensive management and control. At the same time, in the ACCM balanced scorecard, the financial level innovation indicator MMCV equipment management and maintenance create value (Management & Maintenance Create Value) is highlighted.

3.Innovation of ACCM control system

Three different management and control modes with innovations are proposed: key point operation type, operation monitoring type, and strategic management control type, and the integration mode of the company's overall management and equipment management and comprehensive budget management is proposed.

4. Innovation of ACCM business system

From the perspective of the full life cycle management of equipment assets, the use of the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology has improved the informationization of traditional businesses and improved the efficiency between various business links.

5.Integrate ACCM balanced scorecard indicators into the lifecycle equipment management process

Use the balanced scorecard theory and value tree method to decompose key performance indicators (KPIs) with industry and enterprise characteristics to achieve the implementation of enterprise equipment control and performance control.

6. ACCM promotes a high degree of integration of equipment management knowledge, technology and information through effective information integration

According to the method of "data acquisition-data transmission-integration-analysis and optimization-application-display", with the help of modern information technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the problem of information fusion can be effectively solved.

7. Proposal of ACCM implementation methodology and construction of equipment asset management capability model

Based on the basic theory of enterprise resources and the basic theory of enterprise capabilities, referring to the CMMI model, the first comprehensive management and control capability model of equipment assets was proposed.

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