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CSC Equipment Asset Management System (eam)

Guided by integrity management, a multi-dimensional device management tree is built to support multi-state management and multiple management objects;
Automatically form equipment history files to provide data foundation for intelligent statistical analysis of equipment management;
With knowledge management as the core, it will provide early-warning management and closed-loop controlled management of equipment to support the integrated management mode of inspection and maintenance;
Data linking of spare parts purchase and sales and maintenance cycle plan to gradually reduce the minimum reserve of spare parts;
Establish an analysis and management system with the goal of production guarantee to support the normal production of enterprises and the improvement of reasonable rate of work in process.

Application of equipment full-cycle management functions, one-stop solution to enterprise equipment management needs


Comprehensive connectivity, complete information acquisition, in-depth intelligent decision-making

  • Easy human-computer interaction

    Easy human-computer interaction

    The system adopts scene-oriented, humanized design, and flat UI to display clearly, the interaction is simple and easy to understand, and the operation is simple
  • Multidimensional drive works

    Multidimensional drive works

    The system can enter the working interface in a variety of ways, including processes, messages, indexes, etc., multi-dimensional driving work, convenient and fast
  • Comprehensive analysis clearly shows

    Comprehensive analysis clearly shows

    Data is automatically collected and archived, and a BI display interface is formed, which supports multiple ways to display and quickly realize data retrieval, analysis and mining
  • Rigorous knowledge management practices

    Rigorous knowledge management practices

    The system adopts scene-oriented, humanized design, and flat UI to display clearly, the interaction is simple and easy to understand, and the operation is simple


Industry Solutions

Europe Group Equipment Information Management Platform
The equipment information management platform established by CSCIC for the European Group includes two parts, one is the basic EAM platform, and the other is the information management platform based on data collection ...
Moutai Equipment Management System Project
Moutai Equipment Management System Project Objective: Through the transformation and upgrading of the original EAM system, the construction of a more open and more compatible equipment asset management system ...
EAM System of PetroChina Western Pipeline Company
China National Intelligent Controls developed a smart asset management system for the western pipeline company. Based on advanced management ideas and technical routes, it has established a comprehensive management and control platform for the production, operation and management of companies, branches and stations ...
Beijiang River Basin Intelligent Management Information Application Project
Taking Lubao and Southwest sluice's electromechanical equipment operation, maintenance and management as a pilot, the use of industrial Internet, Internet of Things, industrial data analysis platform technology, to achieve intelligent management of sluice's electromechanical equipment operation status and precise monitoring and precise management of inspection operations. .
Xiamen Container Assets EAM System Phase II Project
The EAM system is connected with the tire management system to obtain the relevant information of the tire system and feedback the tire related parameter values; tire management is mainly to manage the tires in actual delivery and use
Tiangang Group Company Equipment Management Information System Project
Based on the current status of Tiangang's equipment asset management and future development needs, build a complete management content including management and control system, business system and technical support system ...
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Equipment Management Information System Project
The main line of equipment life cycle management, integrated TPM management system, the introduction of a variety of maintenance and repair strategies, to help enterprises rationalize resource allocation, establish diversified maintenance and repair modes, and realize the life-cycle technical and economic comprehensive management ...
Shanghai Pudong International Airport Equipment Asset Management System
The system is designed with four independent and interconnected four sub-modules, including investment management, asset ledger management, operation and maintenance management, and material management. According to the comprehensive management and control system of intelligent equipment and asset management in China, the equipment asset information management system is constructed. ...

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