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The first domestic equipment management system based on PB technology
PM5.0Guochuang Online Equipment Spare Parts Trading Website china-plant.com
Year 1999

The first domestic equipment asset management system EAM2003 with B / S architecture
Year 2003

Developed EAM2008 series equipment asset management software, covering more than 20 industries
Year 2008

The first domestic equipment asset management platform with a background management function EAM2004
Year 2004

CMEC adheres to the service concept of driving business applications with management ideas, and through the summary of the on-site requirements and solutions of thousands of different industries to form a management theory with Chinese characteristics-the comprehensive management and control theory of enterprise equipment assets ACCM. The asset management software industry provides scientific methodology and development guidelines, and has developed and completed the standardization product EAM2012 that carries this idea.
Year 2012

Launched EAM11G in equipment asset management platform for large group enterprises
Year 2010

Launch EAM products based on mobile applications, including EAM2015 series of equipment asset management systems built into mobile application software such as mobile work orders and mobile inventory.
Year 2015

With entering the era of industrial internet, cccc has formed products and solutions with cccc and cccc as the core, relying on the latest technologies such as big data computing, internet of things technology, wireless data transmission and cloud platform, and has realized the transformation from "comprehensive management and control service of enterprise equipment assets" to "industrial internet application service based on industrial big data".
Year 2016

Sinochem has become a subsidiary of Science City Group. In the new historical period, Sinochem will continue to adhere to the product concept of "serving industry wholeheartedly", continue to assist manufacturing enterprises to realize the coordinated upgrading of informatization with the goal of "data-driven intelligent control", and contribute to the implementation of the 2025 strategy of "Made in China".
Year 2019
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