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Guangdong Zhongshe Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Zhongshe Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, changed to a joint-stock company in 2014, and changed to a mixed-ownership company in 2019, becoming a subsidiary of Science City Investment Group.
In 2016, the company strategically upgraded from "Enterprise Equipment Assets Integrated Management and Control Service Provider" to "Industrial Internet Enterprise Based on Industrial Big Data" and was selected as the Guangdong Industrial Internet Industry Ecological Supply Resource Pool in 2017, becoming the first batch of industrial Internet platform provider.
CMEC always defines "customer and innovation" as the two major responsibilities of the enterprise. Relying on industrial business examples with more than 4,200 users in airports, ports, tobacco, chemicals, metallurgy, manufacturing, municipal and other industries, we continue to deepen The ACCM theory is at the core, based on intelligent manufacturing and data processing, based on the establishment of industrial enterprise service network, multi-axis drive, network-wide interoperability, comprehensive and accurate construction of industrial ecological service network.
China Construction Intelligent Control's regional branch services cover the whole country, with "honest service, passion for innovation, consolidation of professionalism, and strengthening of responsibilities" as the service guideline, to create a better future for customers and unremittingly!

  • 1999

    Founded in 1999

  • 4200

    Has more than 4,200 user business instances

  • ACCM

    Continue to deepen the core of ACCM theory

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