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Europe Group Equipment Information Management Platform


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Europe Group Equipment Information Management Platform

The equipment information management platform established by CSCIC for the European Group includes two parts, one is the basic EAM platform, and the other is the information management platform based on data collection ...
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  The information management platform based on data collection is mainly introduced here. The platform will have access to public equipment in various foreign factories, such as air compressors and vacuum cleaners. At present, the air compressor information system is online and access to public equipment information management Platform.

  According to the requirements of the production and technology of Oupai Household, its vacuum cleaner equipment needs to collect data through a data acquisition system: the main functions include: equipment data collection, statistics of start and stop time, equipment status display, and equipment alarm EAM trigger.

  Overall joint control idea: Set up a general control room, and the scope of control and monitoring includes each central vacuum equipment of 11 factories in Qingyuan base. The real-time operating data and operating status of each central vacuum equipment can be remotely controlled in the main control room. Monitoring and data logging.

  The main control room can see the overall operation status of each central vacuum equipment (including operation status, fault alarms, etc.) on the main page. Click the corresponding equipment menu to display detailed monitoring project data information; can automatically record and store equipment operation Data, data is permanently saved.

  Specific monitoring items:

  All the equipment operating parameters set by each central vacuum equipment system and the actual operating data corresponding to the equipment (such as filter set pressure, pressure and pressure difference, etc.);

  Conveyor system, scraper tank system, filter system, cleaning system, silo system corresponding to each equipment, fault operation and alarm information;

  Corresponding equipment's operating status and alarm information (water pressure (electric contact pressure gauge), spark quantity and level);

  The silo system's material level alarm (high or low) pushes EAM to automatically generate a repair and repair order, and the waste contractor's mobile APP receives the order and discharges the material.

  The motor frequency or inverter current, voltage, temperature and other information are connected to the joint control system to monitor abnormalities early.

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