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Moutai Equipment Management System Project


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Moutai Equipment Management System Project

Moutai Equipment Management System Project Objective: Through the transformation and upgrading of the original EAM system, the construction of a more open and more compatible equipment asset management system ...
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  Guizhou Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd. set up an EAM management system in 2008. With the continuous improvement of the management level, the original simple operation and maintenance management model has continued to develop, and many new management requirements have been raised. Many functional modules in the system are not available.

  After preliminary investigation, the main issues are as follows:

  1. Inventory management is not clear;

  2. The working efficiency and assessment methods of equipment operation and maintenance need to be improved, and management data cannot be displayed;

  3. Lack of auxiliary means such as mobile applications;

  4. Solve the problem of EAM information islands.

  The objective of the Moutai Equipment Management System project is to build a more open and more compatible equipment asset management system through the upgrading and upgrading of the original EAM system.

  ● Data goal: To achieve the unification of master data standards in the factory workshops included in the implementation scope.

  ● Process objectives: To achieve unified policy management and control, unified supervision and approval, and unified operational management in business processes.

  ● Operation and maintenance objectives: Use information systems to improve the level of asset management within the enterprise, optimize warehouse management, and maintenance management.

  ● Comprehensive goal: to guarantee the production safety of enterprises. In order to achieve higher security, higher reliability, higher operating efficiency and higher return on investment in equipment management, equipment management provides a reliable guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises.

  The system mainly achieves the following functions:

  1. Rely on the information system, establish a management and control system based on the entire life cycle of the equipment and promote it within the group, strengthen the full life cycle control of the group's equipment, improve the overall level of the group's equipment management, and escort the group's production;

  2. Sort out equipment inspection and maintenance standards, rely on information systems to solidify equipment management processes, standardize various equipment management tasks, and improve the standardization and standardization of group equipment management;

  3. Gradually integrate with the existing industrial control system of the equipment to realize real-time data collection of some equipment operating data, intelligently control the operating status of the equipment, and improve the intelligent level of equipment management;

  4. Adopt new technologies such as mobile phone APP to improve the efficiency of basic equipment management and strengthen equipment inspection and maintenance management;

  5. Fully refine the equipment management needs of managers at all levels, establish a KPI evaluation and analysis system for equipment management, and provide data support for decision analysis;

  6. Unified data decision analysis, unified process supervision, unified standards and specifications, development and shared information resources;

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