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Xiamen Container Assets EAM System Phase II Project


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Xiamen Container Assets EAM System Phase II Project

The EAM system is connected with the tire management system to obtain the relevant information of the tire system and feedback the tire related parameter values; tire management is mainly to manage the tires in actual delivery and use
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  After the application of Xiamen Container Assets' new EAM system project, as the asset management business continues to deepen, various requirements become clear, and rigid requirements are becoming more and more important, we have carried out a general upgrade of the second phase of the EAM system, and the system restructured the group. Unified management and control of business, implementation of unified planning, distributed implementation strategies, first complete construction of general functions, second performance management needs, and finally a multi-faceted on-site fast response mobile EAM management to achieve unified EAM data, processes and decision-making across the group To meet the requirements of a system, a standard, and a system for the Group's EAM.

  The main functions of the system:

  ◆ Early stage management: Manage equipment purchase and delivery, perform unpacking and acceptance, generate equipment account, manage equipment related technical information, manage equipment installation and equipment index performance indicators after completion, and realize the transfer of assets and financial system into account Relevant work related to preliminary equipment management;

  ◆ Equipment management: increase IT asset card, IT asset ledger, IT asset change, IT asset custodian, IT asset transfer, IT asset retirement;

  ◆ Material and material tube: realize the unified external public business interface of the material, including supplier information, including the purchase of materials, the transfer of different materials in the warehouse, the payment of materials, invoice reconciliation, annual agreement procurement, virtual inventory management and other full-service management;

  ◆ Project management: The project's early purchase, project inquiry and price comparison, project order, contract signing, project acceptance, and project material purchase payment are realized by the EAM-bid system, and the bid system returns to the OA for final price approval;

  ◆ Basic management: Realize the interface of supplier, organization structure, material classification, facility, facility structure tree, and supplier information directory to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of the basic data of the system;

  ◆ Comprehensive report management: asset expiration forecast, account reconciliation asset statistics, material inventory age statistical decision, EAM material invoice reconciliation, EAM material turnover rate, technical management work briefing, major equipment operation analysis statistics, energy saving training and learning Situation, energy-saving measures statistical reports, interface logs and information management;

  ◆ Mobile management: asset bar code label design and printing, material label unique code, unique code management in warehouse area, mobile maintenance, mobile material out of the warehouse, mobile maintenance, mobile inventory, supplier order information, supplier order information, mobile information Related mobile business management such as push, mobile tire management, mobile assets, inventory information query;

  ◆ Data migration management: realize all data migration of the old EAM platform, and realize dynamic reading of data of the old and new systems;

  ◆ Dedicated parts management: Realize tire replacement registration, tire pressure management, tire inspection management, tire service life, and tire information statistics.

  System highlights: The EAM system is connected with the tire management system to obtain the tire system information and feedback the tire parameter values. Tire management is mainly to manage the tires in actual delivery, record tire pressure, tire inflation, tire wear, tire Graphical information, as well as tire inspection tasks, tire inspection plans, tire inspection records, problems found during roller skate inspections, tire replacement status, tire replacement, and general information ledger alerts.

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