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China Construction Equipment Decision Analysis System
Enterprise success is inseparable from smart strategic planning and solid tactical execution. By the same token, the efficient management of enterprise assets is also inseparable from a clever set of equipment management strategies and solid and reliable implementation. With the great progress of the management information level of enterprises, the asset management of enterprises has already possessed a set of effective tactical execution tools, but the formulation of equipment management and control strategies has not been effectively supported. How to improve the value of data through the collection, management, analysis and transformation of business data, to obtain the necessary insight and understanding, to better assist decision-making and guide actions, to help decision makers in all asset management departments of enterprises in the correct Time, right place, make the right decision? Based on the ACCM theory proposed by China Construction Intelligent Control, China Construction Intelligent Control's "China Construction Asset Decision Analysis System" (hereinafter referred to as this system) strategically decomposes, executes and analyzes various indicators of value dimensions in ACCM. Intelligent platform provides supporting tools for enterprise equipment asset decision-makers.
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