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China Mobile I-EAM6

Inventory app applies Android platform mobile phone or tablet computer as the mobile smart terminal for field work, which can be integrated with multiple asset management systems on the server side, and introduces barcode, NFC (including high-frequency RFID) and other technologies to integrate on-site inventory
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Six functions

1.Inventory Easy

Product idea:

Inventory app applies Android platform mobile phone or tablet computer as the mobile smart terminal for field work, which can be integrated with multiple asset management systems on the server side, and introduces barcode, NFC (including high-frequency RFID) and other technologies to integrate on-site inventory, inventory, and label binding. Business management functions are extended to mobile smart terminals; personnel obtain task and work support information in real time on the site and complete field data collection; and timely feed data from mobile smart terminals to the inventory server server system through Wifi and 3G, Automatically integrate with the management system deployed in the cloud or own server to compare inventory differences, automatically form inventory profit and loss records, and achieve intelligent enterprise asset inventory management.

Product brief description: CMEC Equipment Assets Standardization Management Software, designed and developed by CMEC Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, combined with Android mobile phones, adopts advanced computer technology and communication technology, and is suitable for corporate fixed asset inventory staff , Establish a mobile intelligent asset inventory platform to efficiently respond to various complex issues in asset inventory work. For different sites or departments, obtain inventory work tasks at any time as needed, making it possible to quickly inventory equipment assets.

Brief function description:

Inventory Easy consists of a server-side program and a mobile phone app, which are used in conjunction with each other to achieve the mobile, information, and intelligence of the inventory.

(A) server-side system

The device inventory function of the EAM server can be easily used with the inventory of the Android mobile phone. It mainly includes: tag binding and inventory check, used to formulate the task of tag binding and inventory check, and download it to the mobile phone for inventory personnel to execute.

(2) Inventory the Easy Mobile App

Inventory mobile app includes: download tasks, upload results, tag binding, inventory tasks, inventory profit processing, inventory loss processing, inventory inquiry, settings and other functions.

Inventory personnel can download tag bindings or inventory tasks to the inventory app of the mobile phone through the wireless network, go to the inventory department responsible for the inventory, and upload the results to the server system after the work is completed. The system confirms the inventory profit and loss situation.


Cost saving: ordinary Android phones can be loaded with inventory counting tools, reducing the cost of purchasing industrial PDAs;

Simple and easy to use: APP based on Android platform, convenient for quick entry and grasp of inventory tools;

Quick inventory: greatly improve inventory work efficiency, reduce inventory workload, and make work easier and faster;

Accurate inventory: Improve the accuracy of inventory, enhance the accuracy of data collection of assets inventory of enterprises and institutions, and quickly find out the entrepreneurs.

basic configuration


2.Easy inspection

Product idea:

Equipment inspection

Inspection is the top priority of enterprise equipment management, especially in process industries that require high continuity. By adopting inspection inspection, the task can be directly sent to the mobile operator's mobile phone, which facilitates various tasks and timely understands the operating status of various parts of the equipment. Combined with the working standards established by the computer system for regular inspection and maintenance, the work items such as equipment inspection items, standard values, inspection intervals, and hidden trouble elimination in the regional inspections are solidified to provide tools and equipment for compliance management of equipment assets. Data support can help to avoid production and equipment from errors, defects, hidden dangers, and deterioration to failures that cause downtime and production, resulting in irreparable huge losses.

Product description:

Guangdong Zhongshe Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. designed and developed the Zhongshe equipment asset standardization management software--inspection inspection, combined with the Android phone, using advanced computer technology and communication technology, will carry out inspection standards and inspection information. Periodic downloads are stored in mobile phones. As long as the point inspection staff according to the point inspection task guide in the system, they can easily perform the point inspection and establish an advanced enterprise point inspection work mode.


Inspection and inspection is composed of a server program and a mobile APP, which are used in conjunction with each other to achieve the mobile, informational and intelligent point inspection.

(One). Server-side system

The inspection management of the EAM server is used in conjunction with the inspection of the Android mobile phone. It mainly includes modules such as standard basic management, periodic inspection, spot inspection, and location anomaly management, which are used to define the standard area and those devices in a certain area, the standard equipment category and those devices in a category, and the inspection equipment category standard 3. Calibration of inspection area.

(two). Mobile Inspection App

The mobile app for inspection and inspection includes: inspection tasks, tag binding, task random inspection, location management, settings, data synchronization, and other functions.

The point inspection personnel can download the point inspection tasks to the mobile inspection easy app through the wireless network, and go to the inspection point [pre-deployed] to perform the inspection work according to the defined point inspection area and project in the required time. After the work is completed, the results are uploaded to the server system for comparative analysis of the system to provide a basis for preventive maintenance.


Cure spot inspection work mode, standardize inspection process and improve inspection quality. To ensure the authenticity, timeliness of equipment inspections and the validity of inspection results data, to avoid missing inspections or even inspections during inspections. Managers can check the inspections of equipments at the server. Progress and quality.

Discover equipment anomalies in time to ensure the safe operation of equipment. Through the standard spot inspection work, timely find out the abnormal phenomena and hidden dangers of equipment, grasp the initial information of equipment failure, and take measures in time to eliminate the failure in the bud stage.

Effectively perform data analysis to obtain equipment failure rules. The inspection results are uploaded directly to the server database, which can analyze the statistics of the equipment's long-term inspection results, and obtain the key data of equipment failure rules and daily maintenance.

Carry out preventive maintenance work to prolong the service life of equipment and reduce production costs of enterprises. Combining various types of data from inspection results and the information provided by the fault analysis system, managers use this as an important basis for formulating pre-maintenance strategies, propose reasonable parts repair and replacement plans, continuously summarize experiences, improve technical standards, and maintain equipment Highly stable performance.

Product description:

Guangdong China Construction Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. designed and developed the China Construction Equipment Assets Standardization Management Software-Mobile Work Order, which realizes the mobile, information and intelligent work orders. Make tedious work order business processes more convenient, easier to manage, and more efficient, while enabling managers to play an unparalleled advantage in the monitoring of operation and maintenance work and coordinate the allocation of resources and personnel arrangements. It has really improved the service quality of enterprises, improved service response time, enhanced service support capabilities, and greatly improved production efficiency.


The mobile work order is composed of a server-side program and a mobile APP, which work together to achieve the mobile, information and intelligent work order.

(One). Server-side system

1. Equipment basic management. Includes equipment card, equipment ledger, equipment file management, a record table that records the design and manufacture of individual equipment, technical processes, initial value, management status, management classification, and important management data. The sub-tables also record the component structure of the device. , Auxiliary equipment, random spare parts, random accessories and tools, technical parameters, random data, equipment main account and equipment file borrowing and other management.

2. Inquiry of work order management process records. The work order execution process includes the work order creation, release, cancellation, completion, and evaluation functions.

(two). Mobile APP

The mobile device device system includes: creating work orders, issuing work orders, receiving work orders, completing work orders, evaluating work orders, querying work orders, setting, and synchronizing data.

Responsible leaders can log in to the system or log in to the system through mobile phones to process orders, withdraw or withdraw;

The order taker processes the received work order at the equipment site, and after completion, registers the completion information, writes a maintenance report, problems, and solutions.


1. The equipment will issue work reminders on site and provide correct implementation work orders. At the equipment site, mobile phone devices can be used to send reminders to equipment operation and maintenance personnel, provide correct implementation work orders, ensure the authenticity and timeliness of equipment operation and maintenance, and avoid manual information acquisition errors and filling errors The loss of work orders, etc., leads to incomplete and inaccurate equipment operation and maintenance records, which cannot reflect the actual situation of equipment operation and maintenance, and lays hidden dangers for safe production and production plan execution.

2. Handle equipment anomalies in time to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Through timely work reminders, operation and maintenance personnel can accurately grasp the initial information about equipment failures and take measures to eliminate the failures in a timely manner. Prevent employees from being unfamiliar with the mastering of standards and failing to follow up on equipment abnormalities in a timely manner.

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