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China Construction Equipment Decision Analysis System

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China Construction Equipment Decision Analysis System

Enterprise success is inseparable from smart strategic planning and solid tactical execution. By the same token, the efficient management of enterprise assets is also inseparable from a clever set of equipment management strategies and solid and reliable implementation. With the great progress of the management information level of enterprises, the asset management of enterprises has already possessed a set of effective tactical execution tools, but the formulation of equipment management and control strategies has not been effectively supported. How to improve the value of data through the collection, management, analysis and transformation of business data, to obtain the necessary insight and understanding, to better assist decision-making and guide actions, to help decision makers in all asset management departments of enterprises in the correct Time, right place, make the right decision? Based on the ACCM theory proposed by China Construction Intelligent Control, China Construction Intelligent Control's "China Construction Asset Decision Analysis System" (hereinafter referred to as this system) strategically decomposes, executes and analyzes various indicators of value dimensions in ACCM. Intelligent platform provides supporting tools for enterprise equipment asset decision-makers.
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  Product description

  Obtain data bases on four aspects of equipment assets: financial, production, internal business processes, learning, and progress from the enterprise asset management information system, based on equipment effectiveness, equipment operating status, equipment maintenance costs, quality, raw material consumption, and auxiliary materials consumption , Equipment service life, equipment management process, learning and innovation, comprehensive energy consumption and other topics to build an enterprise asset decision analysis system, use the system to quickly carry out statistics and analysis of various indicators, and provide management decision-making basis for enterprise senior leaders.

  Application architecture

  Based on the business intelligence platform, establish a centralized decision analysis system based on computer technology and its network. Business data is obtained from equipment asset management systems, material management systems, engineering project management systems, and financial systems, human resources, OA, MES and other systems. .


  The function display of this system divides the index theme into eight parts, including: homepage, equipment effectiveness analysis, equipment maintenance cost, equipment operation status analysis, equipment comprehensive energy analysis, equipment management process analysis, typical equipment life cycle analysis, and enterprise Comprehensive indicator analysis. Different management levels view different topics through the authority system. At the same time, different management levels divide different work homepages into company levels, factory levels, and workshop levels.

  Enterprise equipment management decision makers actively carry out longitudinal comparisons and performance analysis based on the results of the company's performance indicators, and objectively understand the development and changes of the company's asset and equipment management level; meanwhile, the results of performance indicators and industry releases are combined with industry equipment management Focus and requirements, grasp information, take the initiative to carry out horizontal comparison and benchmarking comparison analysis, objectively understand the positioning of enterprise equipment management level in the industry, and form benchmarks, find gaps, analyze reasons, formulate improvement goals and Measures to continuously improve the virtuous circle and work system of equipment management performance.

  Technology Architecture

  A business intelligence platform based on the SOA architecture, which uses unified raw data management, has a unified structure and services, and provides users with various types of BI applications through a unified WEB interface, including: instant query reports, dashboards, scorecards , Analysis, event management, mobile terminal display.

  Features and advantages

  1. Establish an enterprise equipment asset management performance evaluation system through a powerful balanced scorecard to achieve equipment asset decision management analysis.

  2. Support data access analysis capabilities for large numbers of users and large amounts of data.

  3. An effective analysis method, through the "analysis-then-query" data access method enables users to explore business data in the way they want.

  4. Ease of use and low cost deployment.

  5. Seamless integration with Office, users can directly import reports into Excel in the browser, and compatible with various versions such as Excel2000 / Excel2003 / Excel2007. After Cognos reports are imported into Excel, the format can be realized without loss. Especially, the graphics will be automatically matched as Excel graphics instead of static pictures after importing into Excel. Users can process the graphics after Excel.

  6, a new graphics engine, with more beautiful display effects and more types of graphics.


  1. Effective use of data accumulated by corporate asset management and control.

  Through a large amount of historical data to mine enterprise equipment asset management information, it provides more valuable auxiliary decision-making basis for enterprise equipment asset decision makers to meet the needs of different management levels. Zh

  1) It can show the trend of equipment asset management and control indicators for many years;

  2) It can show the comparative analysis of different indicators for many years;

  3) Achieve query from the index down to the detailed data;

  2. Insight into the problems of corporate asset management.

  Through efficient data mining, drilling and other methods to trace data, find loopholes and problems in a timely manner, quickly adjust strategic decisions on equipment asset management and control, and minimize the decision maker's decision bias.

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