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China Construction Chint Integrated Management and Control Platform BOS System

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China Construction Chint Integrated Management and Control Platform BOS System

China Development BOS Development Software is a comprehensive cloud R & D platform that complies with today's cutting-edge technologies and specifications. It simplifies the complexity of the software architecture, provides what you see and develop, and eliminates the knowledge generation gap in each link of the software life week. The quality of the deliverables.
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  Application architecture

  Main function introduction

  ★ Enterprise-level portal system

  ☆ Single sign-on ☆ Page integration ☆ Template management ☆ Function module management

  ★ Service Assembly Server

  ☆ Service design and maintenance ☆ Service component sharing ☆ Service test

  ★ Business Model Management

  ☆ Business model design and maintenance ☆ Model sharing ☆ Business model verification and release ☆ Data source management

  ★ Form Management

  ☆ Form design and maintenance ☆ Form sharing ☆ Form preview and call

  ★ Page Management

  ☆ Layout design and maintenance ☆ Operation layer design and maintenance ☆ Page component sharing ☆ Page preview and call

  ★ Business Process Management

  ☆ Process design and maintenance ☆ Process release ☆ Process monitoring

  Technology Architecture

  Compliant with J2EE and WEB2.0 specifications

  · International standardization and standardization

  Cross-database, cross-platform, cross-application, multi-dimensional expansion

  Realize single sign-on (SSO), support LDAP authentication

  Support cloud computing, componentization and agile development

  User experience, what you see

  Fully support BPMN2.0, PORTLET2.0, WEB2.0, OSGI, REST, WS, JAAS, RBAC, JCR, JPA, JDBC, iCal, SOA and other technical standards

  Features and advantages

  Strong interactivity, can be presented instantly and can interact

  Easy to expand and tailor

  User-friendly operation, support for clipboard and rollback operations

  Strong compatibility, support for multiple systems, databases and application servers

  Componentized architecture, easy to maintain and extend

  Provide shared libraries to enable knowledge to be shared and reused across platforms

  Provide layered page design to separate page layout and operation logic

  Ability to assemble and integrate building services

  Provide online visual modeling

  Comply with industry standards, such as BPMN2.0 / PORTLET2.0 / RBAC / SOA, etc.

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