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China Construction Engineering Project Management System

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China Construction Engineering Project Management System

The “Enterprise Engineering Project Management System” of China Construction Intelligent Control is based on the design concept of PMBOK project management knowledge system. It implements dynamic management of the project through planning, tracking and control, and realizes multi-angle and multi-factor management of the project. The communication and coordination of all parties in the project, and can effectively process and display the data, and support analysis and decision-making. Establish an enterprise project set management mode to improve the overall management level of enterprise projects.
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  Product description

  This system takes Party A's project management as the center, including the full life cycle management of project startup, planning, execution, control and closeout stages, and controls and early warnings on management elements such as scope, budget, progress, quality, resources, and risk to achieve Collaborative communication and sharing of documents and knowledge between multiple organizations of the project, support the concurrent management of the project set in different areas and content of the enterprise, and meet the multi-level management needs of the business operation layer, management layer, decision-making layer in the enterprise.

  Application architecture

  According to the project management life cycle, the business model of the information system is constructed, including business modules such as investment plan management, project management, procurement management, contract management, project audit management, and supplier management.

  The types of enterprise projects under management cover: fixed asset purchase projects, technological transformation projects, major equipment repair and transformation projects, informatization projects, infrastructure projects, etc.


  Investment plan management

  Investment plan management is the starting point for project management. The system provides functional support for project investment planning, investment control, and investment completion.

  System investment plan life cycle:

  Project management

  The management focus of project management is the comprehensive optimization and balance between cost, schedule and quality, realizing the fine management and control of the project's entire life cycle management, and maximizing the management benefits.

  Purchase management

  Establish a complete procurement process for the enterprise to achieve comprehensive decision-making and compliance management of the procurement process. During the project execution process, all businesses involving external procurement are managed in this module, including procurement applications, and support for tender procurement, competitive negotiation procurement, single source procurement, and inquiry procurement. These four procurement methods Full process management.

  Contract management

  Manage contract signing and contract execution process, including contract approval process management, contract text and summary management, contract payment and invoice management, contract change and cancellation management, contract breach and claims management, contract progress and early warning management, and electronic contract sharing And query management.

  Project audit management

  At the critical stage of the project execution process, relevant audit departments are required to audit the project, and the system includes project start audit, project contract audit, and project settlement audit functions.

  Supplier management

  Selecting qualified suppliers is one of the most important tasks in the early stage of project management, and effective process management of suppliers is the focus of project implementation.

  Technology Architecture

  This system uses B / S architecture;

  Browser: IE6 and above;

  Application middleware: Various application middleware that conforms to Java EE5 and above specifications, such as Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss, etc., can also run on Tomcat5.0 and above

  · JRE version: JRE5.0 and above;

  Database: relational database of Oracle8i, MS SQL Server 2000, MySQL5.0, DB 2 v95, etc. and corresponding upgraded versions;

  · Other: Support LDAP, Windows Active Directory, etc.

  Features and advantages

  Thin client: This system can run on IE without installing any plug-ins;

  · Customizable business process: The user can adjust the business process by using the system's own business process management system according to needs;

  · Multiple job reminding methods: You can display the to-do work on the system homepage, or you can remind the task by email, mobile phone text message and dedicated to-do client

  · Graphical drive: Operators can work on graphics, which is more intuitive and simple;

  Support multiple integration modes: (a) support integration through TXT files, excel files, etc .; (b) support integration through database objects such as data tables, views, stored procedures; (c) support through HTTP services, Socket service, WebService service and other services to achieve integration;

  · System configurability: Various system data required for system operation are maintained by supporting development tools, and users can use supporting tools to adjust as needed;

  · Provide multi-level query, you can query in the result set; all fields on the current page can be used as query conditions; query results can be directly output into Excel file or text file;

  · Provide multiple page styles, which can be adjusted as needed;

  · Operators must "sign" the data to confirm it to become official data and avoid temporary data entering the process;

  · Provide multiple authorization modes, that is, authorization can be added, deleted, changed, and checked, or authorized according to different data types. Multiple authorization modes exist simultaneously;

  · Provide multi-level authorization to support distributed authorization of group enterprises.


  Build a cross-regional and centralized project management comprehensive platform for enterprises to meet the project management needs of management organizations at all levels of the enterprise;

  · Promote the standardization of enterprise project management by means of process consolidation, etc., and then promote the process of enterprise project management integration and improve the company's centralized management and control capabilities;

  · Improve enterprise project management knowledge accumulation and inheritance ability, realize refined and transparent management of projects, and improve project process management and control capabilities;

  · Provide a collaborative work and information sharing platform for the participating departments and personnel of the project to improve work efficiency and reduce communication costs;

  · Provide real-time analysis of project execution through hierarchical, multi-angle and multi-combination projects to provide a basis for scientific decision-making;

  · Provided a means for improving supplier management through supplier classification management and introduction and the establishment of a unified supplier database, and provided a basis for supplier evaluation through the establishment of a supplier evaluation system and supplier actual performance data

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