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China Asset Management iEAM6 Equipment Asset Management System

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China Asset Management iEAM6 Equipment Asset Management System

Realize the life-cycle management of assets, and reflect the four phases of asset introduction, card establishment, asset operation and maintenance, and asset withdrawal. They will sort out and optimize asset account management and grasp the complete file information of assets   Equipped with independent server-side inventory task data conversion and import tools to implement multi-system and cross-system equipment asset inventory inventory task import and management. The system is highly portable and expandable.
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  Multi-perspective and multi-state management of equipment assets

  Breaking the limitation of establishing equipment ledger only by using department, China Construction EAM manages equipment assets from four perspectives of organization, production technology, equipment technology, and geospatial, and from various states such as in-use, storage, idle, and scrap.

  Comprehensive file management of dynamic and static information

  Automatically integrate the management data records of the purchase, installation, operation, change, depreciation, repair, maintenance, lubrication, and scrap of a piece of equipment to form a complete equipment management file including dynamic data.

  Practical early warning system for equipment operation

  Beware of the inadequate implementation of the equipment maintenance system, China National EAM established equipment PDCA closed-loop controlled standardized management of equipment inspection, maintenance, and lubrication "based on standards, automatic planning, advance reminders, and timely feedback" to automatically remind any equipment that needs to be inspected recently. Maintenance, lubrication, and a clear understanding of the implementation.

  Establish equipment abnormal accounts and monitor equipment abnormal conditions.

  Facing "what equipment is abnormal and malfunctioning? Which have been resolved and which have not been resolved?" These equipment managers desperately want to know the equipment status, and China Construction EAM builds "real-time declaration, automatic notification, to-do reminder, maintenance inspection association" Fault closed-loop controlled management, automatically notify maintenance personnel and managers of any equipment abnormalities and faults. As long as the problem is not resolved, they will be continuously reminded, and directly linked to the maintenance and repair functions, and the problem will be fully connected with its resolution.

  Combined with a standardized knowledge system to build a comprehensive maintenance model.

  CMEC EAM builds “centralized management of maintenance applications mainly for faulty maintenance, regular maintenance, and conditional maintenance. It organizes and allocates maintenance resources to coordinate maintenance plans, and provides timely feedback on plan execution details, reflecting real-time maintenance work and man-hours, spare parts, and costs. Resource status "maintenance comprehensive management model, and properly handle" What equipment needs to be repaired? What to repair? How to arrange a maintenance plan? What equipment is repaired? How about the consumption of man-hours, spare parts, and costs? " "Knowledge-based, structured knowledge, practical knowledge of the structure" knowledge transformation model design maintenance information structure, promote or implement standardized, knowledge-based maintenance management.

  Multi-level warehouse material management mechanism, enterprise inventory status at a glance

  China Construction EAM Materials Management first provides a single warehouse access management, and based on this, establishes a virtual electronic total warehouse, realizes unified management of each warehouse in the enterprise, and automatically forms an enterprise-wide overall account book. The main business includes: material basic setting, storage management, storage management, withdrawal management, allocation management, material inventory and inventory management.

  Issue correct work orders in time to easily achieve mobile office

  Mobile work order management realizes the electronic, information and intelligent work orders. Make the tedious work order business process more convenient, easier to manage, and more efficient. It not only plays an incomparable advantage in the monitoring and control of operation and maintenance and related indicators assessment management to coordinate and coordinate the network resources and personnel arrangement related to the process And, it plays an important role in achieving unified process management of production command dispatch management, greatly improving production efficiency.

  Achieve scientific and standardized inspection management system

  Inspection management consists of basic settings and inspection management. The basic settings are mainly divided into: inspection area setting, inspection area and equipment correspondence, inspection equipment category, inspection equipment category and equipment correspondence, radio frequency identification setting, and inspection personnel registration. The inspection management is mainly divided into: inspection standard setting, inspection cycle setting, periodic inspection tasks, inspection result ledger, inspection result acceptance, and spot inspection inspection records.

  Multiple ways of reminding and supervising work

  People are mainly dealing with various tasks at hand, such as to-do tasks, pending approvals, various forecasts, equipment abnormalities, and various news. China Construction EAM builds "worry-free" equipment management with the concept of "job-finding" Work platform, actively push transactions to various terminals, including desktop and mobile terminals.

  Support interface with status monitoring system

  ChinaAMC EAM data collection and data sharing between heterogeneous systems are provided to provide users with a more professional, secure, centralized IT environment and IoT platform.

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