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Based on the perspective of ACCM theory, the China Intelligent Park Intelligent Management and Control Platform takes equipment, data and human intelligence as the goal, redefines the park's business architecture with new concepts, and converges various intelligent front-end subsystems to support innovative applications of ecological partners Develop and realize "full data integration, comprehensive intelligent control of equipment, comprehensive on-site visibility, and comprehensive event management" in the park.
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Smart environment
The China Smart Environment Sensing System reads on-site environmental data through the acquisition end. The read content includes: temperature, humidity, light, noise, harmful gases and other indicators, and uploads to the cloud platform through the gateway. Display, this system is widely used in airports, high-speed rail stations, exhibition halls, large shopping malls and other public places with higher environmental requirements.
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Smart Sanitation
CMEC's ​​smart sanitation solution adheres to the ACCM theory, and through advanced methods such as the Internet of Things, big data analysis, and on-site monitoring, combines software management platforms and new sanitation facilities to achieve urban sanitation cleaning work management upgrades and service upgrades, while reducing urban sanitation operations. cost.
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